Ghosts of War

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Ghosts of War

Message par nat14 le Dim 21 Oct - 11:02

Voici le travail d'un photographe qui a décidé de superposer des images de la prise de Cherbourg en 1944 avec des photos prises aux même endroit aujourd'hui. Voici le lien vers l'article original :

This haunting collection of images shows what it would look like if the ghosts of World War II returned to our streets.
The remarkable pictures overlay modern scenes from France with atmospheric photographs taken in the same place during the war.
Historical expert Jo Teeuwisse, from Amsterdam, began the project after finding 300 old negatives at a flea market in her home city depicting familiar places in a very different context.

Dangerous crossing: Soldiers race up Avenue de
Paris in Cherbourg in 1944, speeding past the rubble and over modern-day
road markings

Fear and fighting: The original image from 1944, before it was laid over a photo taken from the exact same spot today

Startling contrast: Dutch historian Jo Teeuwisse
finds pictures from archives and then researches their background,
before taking a picture in the same place now and elegantly interweaving

Vivid reality: The past and the present collide
as touches of colour appear on this emotive shot on rue Armand Levéel in
the French city of Cherbourg

She researched the background to each
of the most interesting finds and created a beautiful series of
pictures by super-imposing the old pictures on top of new ones.


Now she has rediscovered
photographs of soldiers at war in France and across Europe and put
together further sets of evocative and emotional designs.
Miss Teeuwisse believes that making war scenes familiar by linking them to somewhere we recognise heightens their impact.

'I knew what happened there, but knowing the exact spot of some detail will etch it into your visual memory,' she said.

From dark times to blue skies: German prisoners of war are marched through the north-western French city by American soldiers

Marching on: Allied soldiers are seen on the
move past shops from then and now in these fascinating pictures of
France from the Left Behind series

Changing environment: German soldiers
surrendering beside the modern terraced houses of the Rue des Fossés
Plissons in Domfront, Orne

Honouring the dead: Village behind the front
lines in Normandy celebrate Bastille Day for the first time in over four
years at a memorial that still stands today

Her work goes much further than the visual, too.

The website of her organisation, Historical Consultancy, reads: 'For years we have been researching
daily life before and during the Second World war, not just gathering
information but also interviewing eye witnesses and recreating certain
aspects of history to gain a unique insight into that era.'
organisation works with authors, film and TV companies, museums,
schools, documentary makers, designers, theatre productions and many

It has helped
individuals trying to find out more about their family history, carrying
out close research into any events from between 1900 and 1950.

Moving moment: Servicemen rest beside signs
pointing the way to a hospital and a church, with more old-fashioned
script just visible behind

Echoes of history: The tarmacked road of Saint Marcouf, Manche, was once piled high with debris

Dramatic past: Men in uniform file out of La
Madeleine à Sainte Marie du Mont, in Manche, close to the beaches of
Normandy where the D-Day invasion took place

Horrific sight: A dead German soldier lies
sprawled in the street with smooth patches showing through where the
area has been restored today
Teeuwisse says she began the project as a research tool, but now
continues it mostly because of her 'passion for history and fascination
with the subject.'
A selection of her photos created across Europe, from Rotterdam to Utrecht to Sicily are available to view on her Flickr site and on Facebook.
The emotional photos juxtapose wartorn paths piled high with rubble with newly painted signposts and tarmacked roads.
Pretty houses and fashionable shops have been built where the dead once lay and German soldiers clashed with Allied troops.
In these poignant shots, however, we have a tiny window into that world.

Historical colour: A sign reading Todt
Organisation - a Third Reich civil and military engineering group in
Germany - is pictured over a pretty orange and pink house

New world: An American flag speaks of Allied progress in this engrossing image from the streets of France

PS : j'espère ne pas avoir fait d'erreur de localisation du sujet sur le fofo

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Re: Ghosts of War

Message par Thunderbird le Dim 21 Oct - 20:48


Étonnant en effet , pour ton lien

@+ Mika

Et au nom de Dieu ,vive la COLONIALE!!!

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